Replacing Slides – Broken Travelers

I had an interaction today with another Broken Traveler that made me realize how lucky I was to be in this position in life. I’ve faced what broke me, freed myself from many of the self destructive traps I’d set for myself, and began the process of trying to help heal those who managed to find themselves swept up in the hurricane of destruction that’s been tearing through the planet from the day I started making decisions on my own.

With another roll of the dice, I easily could have been the man asking me for a dollar as I left the gas station this afternoon. He was broken, clearly, talking out loud to God when nobody else would talk to him. He was asking for salvation and for help. He was lost, walking the Earth with the weight of his trauma overwhelming him and blinding him.

I gave him what I had and told him that I hoped things got better. “They will…” he assured himself as our eyes met. He lingered, drinking deeply, the first human connection that he’s had to have felt in some time.

I hope this was the breath of air that this man needed to know that the world will accept Broken Travelers and that nothing external is stopping him from remembering who he is, and who he was meant to be.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a Broken Traveler as well. And like me, you’re lucky. You’re lucky because you’re in a position in life to be on the Internet searching for answers. Do you think that the next time you see one of us who was not so lucky, you may not want to turn away? Maybe the reason that you’re uncomfortable is because we, The Broken, always recognize our own and we don’t want to face the fact that we see our face inside theirs.

To heal yourself, you must heal others. To help yourself, you must help others. And to love yourself, you must love others.

I need your Grace to find my own. And so do you.

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